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Work List

Chamber Works

Śūnyatā for dizi, pipa, zheng, percussion, huqin, and violoncello  (2021)

Flashbacks for percussion trio (2021)

Descending Shadows  for 12 players (2020)

The Shape of Fire  for 16 players (2018)

Three Bagatelles for Wind Quintet (2018)  Recording

Fantasia on the Hakka Enclosing House for viola, cello, and piano (2017)  Recording

The Empty Mountain  for string quartet (2016)

Portrait of the Henan Tone  for cello, clarinet in b-flat, and piano (2016)  Recording

Solo Works

Incorporeal Stairs  for piano solo (2021)

Singing in the Frosted Wind  for violin solo (2019-2020)  Recording

Double Fugue in E Minor  for piano solo(2017)

Slight Touch for flute solo (2015)  Recording

The Memory of the Old Time for er-hu solo (2015)

La Danza for piano solo (2014)

Spanish Dance in C Minor  for piano solo (2013)

Nocturne in G Minor  for piano solo (2013)

Vocal Works

The Lantern Festival Night - to the tune of the Green Jade Desk for soprano and piano (2013)

Orchestral Works

Atomization  for full orchestra (2021) Recording

A Song beneath the Moonlight  for string orchestra (2019-2020)

Yu Lin Ling  for English horn, harpsichord, and chamber orchestra (2019)

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