Representative Orchestral Works

Atomization (2020)

for Full Orchestra

Duration: approx. 13'

        I got inspiration from the fog and light in a marvelous dream. In that dream, the dense mist and the bursting light woven together, condensing into an entity, and then atomized into countless invisible particulars.


A Song Beneath the Moonlight (2019)

for String Orchestra

Duration: approx. 8'20''

        The melody materials in this piece come from a folk song in Gansu (a northern Chinese province), China. This folk song tells a story about a young girl waiting for her lover in the middle of the night.

        Scenes out of her windows changed from the night to dawn: the moon rose and fell, birds left their nests to forage, cocks crowed, the sun gradually climbed up the horizon, and the girl has eventually realized that her lover will never come.

        This song has delicate descriptions of the girl's changing moods while waiting for the lover - full of sadness and desolation.