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Representative Orchestral Work

Premiered by Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, Nov. 2022, Hangzhou, China

Atomization (2021)

for Full Orchestra

        The inspiration for this piece comes from my imagination of fog and light:

        In a dream, I seemed to be in the boundless gray mist. The whole world was shrouded and surrounded by thick haze. Only the light that occasionally pierced the mist could illuminate the void under my feet.

While floating dazedly, I saw the surging fog. It slowly condensed into an entity by my side and suddenly atomized into countless invisible particles. Suddenly, cyan rays of light burst out from the sky and the bottomless abyss.

        In an instant, they pierced the endless woven fog in the sky. Then, the interminable mist slowly pounced on me and finally surrounded me again. They rolled around, howled, and whizzed past, and entangled, chased with the light that was sometimes as dense as pouring rain and sometimes as swift and sharp as thunder.

        At the end of the dream, I was quietly suspended in the fog sea. It slowly lifted me, made me standstill in the void, and I finally merged with the mist.

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